Our Team


Laura Conrow, co-owner + founder

Staff Photo Owning a cheese shop has been a dream for Laura for many years. In addition to being an avid food lover and cook, cheese has always been at the forefront of Laura’s interests. She worked for Whole Foods' Specialty Cheese department in Reno for over 3 years, and has been actively involved in the greater cheese world as an educator, caterer and student of cheese. Laura has worked with California's Artisan Cheese Festival since 2008 and also represented the California Milk Advisory Board at the IDDBA tradeshow. Her knowledge of cheese is vast and her enthusiasm contagious. Laura has also completed an intensive professional-level cheese education course at the renowned Cheese School of San Francisco.

Peter Burge, co-owner + founder

Staff Photo I moved to Reno in 1990 and today consider myself to as close to a native as possible. I love to travel but feel that each journey away from Northern Nevada is complete once I return home. I also love cheese and felt that Reno was missing an artisan cheese shop in a local neighborhood setting. Recent development in MidTown presented an opportunity, as did meeting fellow cheese-lover Laura Conrow. The result has been Wedge - A Cheese Shop. I feel fortunate to be part a community such as Reno/Sparks and to bring the kinds of spectacular cheeses we offer. Cheers!

Louise Brock

Staff Photo I come to Wedge with a strong background in the arts and an extreme enthusiasm for cheese. Born and raised on the East Coast and after many great opportunities to travel, I moved to Reno in 2008. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and have a passion for all stage performance; currently I'm developing my interest and talent for sculpture. I produce large and small works in a variety of mediums including wood, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics/resins and most recently, cheese. I'm delighted to be part of the Wedge family which has helped develop my lifelong love of cheese into a solid understanding and appreciation of artisanal cheese and charcuterie. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions of art and cheese, and continue developing and sharing them with our community.

Araceli Barrera

Staff Photo My name is Araceli Barrera, I am 30 years old, Hispanic, and I was born and raised in this lovely town of Reno. I have lived in the Bay Area, Southern CA, Mexico, and Houston, but always end up back to “The Biggest Little City in the World.” I have a beautiful little girl named Magdalene Aiko. I am into art (I sketch but appreciate all), listening to music, dancing, tattoos (I am full of them), wine tasting, cooking (I’m a total food snob), and hanging with my little one, family, and friends. I’m also working on my Bachelor’s degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Like I said I love food, especially CHEESE; I found out about Wedge when it was in the works from Edible Reno/Tahoe, and am grateful to be working at Wedge with a great cheese family.

Joseph Garton

Staff Photo When I’m not laughing it up with Reno’s Best Comedy troupe the Utility Players; working on a random art project; or teaching high school—I’m getting my cheese on at Wedge! Cheese has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Whether it was sneaking, at the age of seven, and eating an entire one pound block of Tillamook Cheddar; or eating the whole bag of string cheese and blaming it on my brother—it was apparent I had a problem. As I got older, I adventured out to more “exotic” cheeses moving from artisan cheddars to the more footy wash rinds. I began keeping a cheese journal to document my likes, dislikes, and experiences with cheese. This led me to my first job in cheese at Whole Foods Market Reno where I received hands on training. I then followed Laura Conrow to Wedge to further the cheese experience in Reno. Although cheese has been a lifelong love, it has only been a career for two years, and an area of deeper study for about six years—welcome to Wedge, How can I help you?

Holly Scala

Staff Photo I joined the Wedge family recently, and have been thoroughly enjoying my time learning about the beauties and types of cheese. I am currently studying International Affairs at UNR, which I hope will allow me to pursue international jobs in the future. (I was badly bitten by the travel bug after my year-long exchange in Bonn, Germany.) I enjoy school, music, my wonderfully large and loud family, reading, art, culinary adventures and running. I am thrilled to be able to work in Reno's developing small business world, and I am excited to be experiencing and learning about a high-quality, specialty food product that I've always loved myself!

Jason Davis

Staff Photo The poet Josephine Miles once said, "You can read a poem, or you can eat a cheese sandwich." I say why not both? My name is Jason Davis, and I'm a cheese fanatic! Working at Wedge is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to have a job doing something I love, in a shop with great coworkers, selling wonderful stuff to awesome people. It's inspiring that so much creativity goes into the cheese making process, with such delicious results. When I'm not working, you can find me writing some tasty poetry and short fiction, sticking my nose in a book, or chasing down amazing craft beers around Reno.
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Cheese Basics.

This class will give you a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate any cheese counter. We will discuss the way cheeses are made and how they are categorized. We will also learn about the major cheesemaking regions of the world. This class includes cheese, wine, bread and accompaniments.

American Classics.

Think French cheese is the best? American cheesemakers are winning more world cheese championships every year. We will taste some of the best from the cheesemaker Pioneers like Laura Chenel and Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery as well as the innovative up-and-comers in this class. As always, class includes cheese, wine, bread and accompaniments.

Cheese & Wine Pairing.

Everyone wants to know how to pair cheese and wine like the experts. We will share with you the "secrets" and guidelines to perfect pairings. As always, class includes cheese, wine, bread and accompaniments.