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Join us for a class and see how much you can learn – and eat. Start with a course on the basics, then come back to focus on a region, a milk, or possibly a perfect pairing. If you love cheese as much as we do, you’ll also want to share the experience. That’s why we love to teach! We hold classes in our MidTown Reno shop, but we can come to you as well.

Check our online schedule and call soon to make a reservation as classes quickly fill up.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are from 6pm to 7:30pm, are $40 per person and include cheese, bread and crackers, accompaniments and wine (or beer). Preregistration and prepayment required as classes tend to sell out early.

Cheese Basics Class  Learn your way around a cheese shop through a guided tasting of the eight categories of cheese. We will discuss how cheese is made, explore major cheese producers, taste cheeses made from a variety of milks and generally have fun!

Cheese & BEER Pairing Class  We are super excited about this one. Who doesn’t love beer? You will be surprised by some of the unique pairings we will turn you on to in this class. Taught by our beer aficionado, Jason Davis, and Laura Conrow. Sure to delight!

Cheese & Wine Pairing Class Everyone wants to know the “rules” for pairing cheese and wine. We will give you the tools you need to find those “Wow!” pairings that you and your guests will love.

Party Platters Class Learn the secrets to creating a dazzling party platter to wow your guests at your holiday parties whether you have a party for 2 or 200!

Spotlight on Sheep Cheese Class Sheep milk cheeses are some of the oldest cheeses around, and there also some amazing new American sheep milk cheeses as well! Find out how delicious and varied they can be.

Meat Me at Wedge Charcuterie Class Join us in celebrating National Salami Day with a MEAT-focused class. Charcuterie – also known as cured meat – is one of our specialties here at Wedge. We will taste our way through multiple styles of cured meats, salumi, and pâtés. Mmmmmeaty!!!

American Cheese Extravaganza Join us to celebrate America Cheese Month with this smörgåsbord of flavors! Less formal than a class and more dinner celebration, we will be serving poutine, raclette and fondue, delectable cheese and meat platters and more!

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