Wedge – A Cheese Shop

Fine Cheeses, Charcuterie, and Accompaniments in MidTown Reno

Thank You.

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Yesterday’s Grand Opening Celebration was a blast! We hope everyone had as much fun at our “little block-party” in Midtown District Reno like we did. Here is a special thank you to all those that helped us make this special occasion a reality. It is not our intent to have overlooked anyone, so if we did, we apologize. And just know — we are truly grateful to everyone!

… and EVERYONE of YOU who made it, or pitched-in, or sent us your amazing support on the night of (and since we’ve opened shop in July)!

– Laura Conrow & Peter Burge, co-owners and founders


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Cheese Basics.

This class will give you a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate any cheese counter. We will discuss the way cheeses are made and how they are categorized. We will also learn about the major cheesemaking regions of the world. This class includes cheese, wine, bread and accompaniments.

American Classics.

Think French cheese is the best? American cheesemakers are winning more world cheese championships every year. We will taste some of the best from the cheesemaker Pioneers like Laura Chenel and Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery as well as the innovative up-and-comers in this class. As always, class includes cheese, wine, bread and accompaniments.

Cheese & Wine Pairing.

Everyone wants to know how to pair cheese and wine like the experts. We will share with you the "secrets" and guidelines to perfect pairings. As always, class includes cheese, wine, bread and accompaniments.